The Vulnerable Beauty Hidden Within..

Your eyes, they speak volumes. They betray your words with an underlying emotion. The deep hollowness, it justifies the pain in your soul. The sorrow, the hurt, the misery all etched into one. The words you speak sound truthful enough, but the pain in your eyes shows the tell-tale signs of a tainted past. The ebb of happiness in your life, your piercing gaze shows. The icy stare explains how murky life was for you, though no one could or can even come close to imagining the extent of it. You stand tall with your shoulders squared and you walk with your head held high, but there’s something about you, that shows hesitance. The way you sweep your gaze through your surroundings, as if assessing danger, betrays your pretentious confidence. Palms curled into fists so tight, your knuckles turn white. Narrowed eyes zooming in on your prey, the beautiful turquoise of your eyes turns dark smoldering grey. There’s a blazing fire in them, a hint of malice, the signs of revenge so clear. The intense glare, that could be the reason for anyone’s fear. The shield that protects you comes down, if only for a second, you frown. Under the carefree persona, lies a girl with dark secrets. A girl who is just as scared as any. You dun the people around you to show dominance, in reality, you’re being haunted. You come across as hateful, though you’re anything but it. Behind the smirking grinch, lies a blushing beauty. He sees through all that facade you put, and he knows you, the real you. When you look at him, your gaze softens, your posture relaxes visibly. Gone is the hard exterior, all that remains is the vulnerable, insecure beauty, as you break down into tears that could break even the stone-hearted.



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