Over A Cup of Coffee

With an extra large mug of extra-sweet, steaming coffee in hand & her favorite song blasting through her headphones, she sat by her window overlooking the lake and the park. Her folks weren’t up yet and she enjoyed the solitude, the bliss. It was a beautiful day. The sunrise, the slight drizzle, everything was perfect and blissful. That is until the reality settles in.

Seeing the vehicles pass by, a bout of sadness creeps inside her. A void, a hollow. A void that cannot be filled. A void that was created when her dreams were snatched and shattered into a million pieces. With them gone, a part of her died. Sitting here by this window is the most freedom she can get. She had her dreams, her ambitions but, all she could now do was sit here by the window and see the world go on.

She wasn’t an ideal daughter. Far from it, actually. She made a lot of mistakes, like every other teenager does. All she wanted was to belong somewhere, to fit in. She didn’t belong here with her family, their views on everything were different. And, she didn’t. belong with her group of friends. They were far too immature. Life for them, meant movies, shopping and just about anything that screams fun. That’s not what she wanted. Just when, she’d found the people she felt she related to, somehow, fate stuck it’s bally foot. And ‘BOOM’! There goes everything!

Now, her world had been confined to these four walls that her family called ‘home’. To her, though, it was just a ‘house’. As she sat there, she saw children waiting for their school busses, their parents fussing over them. Oh, how she wished she could be that little girl in Pigtails! Or that pretty girl standing there with her friends, chatting animatedly as they wait at the rickshaw stand. There were college students waiting at the bus stop. Adults rushing to their vehicles as they head for their offices. People spotting, this is what she did every morning. She’d wake up early every morning and observe the people going about their lives. She’d imagine she was one of them and for that fleeting moment, she’d be happy. She sat ther, sipping on her coffee and totally content in imagining her as someone else. This was her private escape. She watched the little kids play in the park, their laughter booming in the air and she laughed along. Then there were those guys playing football and she cheered them on. This was her routine, an hour of fun, away from reality, away from her troubles.

“Sarah!” called a voice and just like that, it was over. She sipped the last of her coffee and she realised that life, just like coffee, was bittersweet. It had it’s moments and they weren’t all good. Shaking her head to get out of the daze, she wiped a stray tear and called out, “Coming, Mom!” Time to face the reality. Time to get back to her world. Time to end her pity-party for one. Though, what she loathed the most was, that it was time to be herself, again.



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