Not so Independent India

15th August 1947, Indians achieved freedom from the evil clutches of the British East India Company. Yeah, I say Indians and not ‘We’, because we got freedom but, the Indians back then, they achieved it, they fought for it. They were Indians in every sense of the word. They were the true blue Indians. Honestly, I can say, “I’m proud of my nation” but, I cannot ever bring myself to say, “I’m proud to be an Indian.” Why should I be? The only ones who really can say that are our soldiers- the jawaans, the naval officers, the air force officers- not us, never us. And, these Indians are the only ones I’m proud of.

We Indians are honoured to be protected by such dedicated soldiers. They give up their lives to protect us and what do we do? We mock them. Yes, that’s right. The Sardars are the ones who form The Indian Defence Forces majorly and it is them who we make sick jokes on? Why? You sleep soundly at night because you know that there are Indians at the borders who’re giving up on their sleep just so they could protect you. You don’t have to worry about dying in the middle of the night by gunshots or grenades, it is them.

No, we’re not Independent. We’re dependent on these jawaans and above all, we’re dependent on ‘The Government’. The Government which does everything but govern. It collects taxes and promises a better India. Where is the better India? It is in the houses of these ministers, it is in the houses of corrupt officials. India is just India for us commoners. Indians still are slaves. We’re slaves to these government officials. 65 years of Independence and racism still exists. We still live in an orthodox society. The fight for freedom still isn’t over. Remember the ‘Quit India Movement’ of 1942? The two eyes of India (The Hindus and The Muslims) united to fight against The British. Why not today then? Why can’t we unite to fight against the government? To fight against corruption? Is our pride so important that we disrespect our nation’s biggest strength- unity?

I cannot speak on behalf of all the Indians but, I can speak for myself. I pledge that I will strive to bring about whatever little change I can bring in our society, in our nation. I hope all of you do too. I’m proud of India and I’m proud of those true Indians who die to protect us but, I cannot be proud of all Indians. I cannot be proud of myself as an Indian because, quite frankly, I have done nothing for my nation, I probably never will but, I vow to try. It is the thought that counts people! It is our right to freedom, fight for it. Happy Independence Day!

A salute to the tri-color and a salute to the Defence Forces. Jai Hind!



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