It’s time….

A fleeting glance,
A passing memory,
All of it comes
running back to me.

The dull ache,
The dark resent,
Makes me come
crashing back to reality.

The longing gaze,
The warmth in his eyes,
Makes it difficult to tell
 the truth from those lies.

The moment of truth,
Flashbacks from the past,
Unfolding before me
are memories that’ll last.

The game of love,
Some futile attempts,
This treacherous heart
blames me for contempt.

Tears flow on their own accord,
For, unbearable is the pain that it brings,
Like iron to magnets,
to my past I still cling.

As the reality kicks in,
I close my eyes,
With a content smile on his face,
there he lies.

Wiping the tears,
I stand up,
It’s time to move on,
it’s time to give up.


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