“Love is eternal”

The bright sun and the clear skies,
So in contrast with his mood.
As the tears continued to flow through his eyes,
The weather, it changed for his good.
“Ah, I’ve got company, it seems.” thought he,
As the darkness took over the sky.
“After all, unheard weren’t my screams of pain and agony.”
As the gloomy clouds pelted rains from those heavens high.
The chirping of birds stopped,
And instead, the rumbling thunder, took it’s place.
“Are the heavens crying, too?”
He asked, as more tears rolled down his face.
He was drowning in his moroseness,
While happy memories continued to haunt him.
Finally, he stood up, a deep wistful longing residing within,
He walked to the funeral, eyes red-rimmed.
The pain numbed his feelings,
While he shunned every emotion.
‘Twas the answer to all his unasked questions, that coffin.
The lower it sunk in the ground,
The harder he fell.
His love, for her was now, forever bound.
As she lay there in an eternally dreamless sleep, he closed his eyes,
Searching for euphoria, that was never found.
“Love is eternal.” read her headstone.
“Rest in peace,” he murmered,
While he walked away to find some peace of his own.


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