The story of life

Tossed and churned,
Scarred and burnt.
Standing still,
Been through all those turns.
Memories unpleasant,
nostalgia brings in.
Dwelling in those,
pain creeps in.
The pain unbearable,
Flashes from the past.
Weakens your knees,
Gloomy shadows it casts.
Shattered dreams,
Broken resolve.
Filled up to the brim,
The memory box.
Trinklets and roses,
Beads and charms.
The open door closes,
As a tear drops on your palm.
Letters and cards,
Hateful and loved.
Sorry’s and Thank you’s
Overflowing with love.
Heaps of memories,
Loads of pain.
Bricks of happiness,
Bits of disdain.
The story of life,
A little love,
little hate.
Good times and bad,
Nothing outweighed.


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