The surreal dream

Standing atop the desert cliff,
past sand dunes,
I see the oasis.
Coyotes howling in the night,
The moon scintilating and bright.
Chilly night air nips at my skin,
The whirling of winds,
a sound too keen.
The deafening silence,
Broken by the drop of a pin.
Hooting of an owl in the far distance,
The heavenly light,
my only assistance.
Galloping of a horse greets my ears,
The sight before me,
gets me to tears.
Nested on the horse is the love of my life,
His striking features,
as sharp as a knife.
There under the moonlight,
we make love,
Satiated and spent,
I close my eyes.
When I open them again,
I realise,
It was the same dream
I have every night.


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