Winds of Time.

The winds of time,
Shatter your dreams.
No more are they,
A reason to live.
Life seems worthless,
For, your existence doesn’t matter.
One moment you’re flying ,
High up in the air,
The next you bite the dust,  
Of realities unexplained. 
You travel lanes of memories,
with tears in your eyes. 
Looking at how high you flew,
And, what wind knocked you out.
You search the prospering memories,
And, those of agonizing pain. 
Until, you stand in the land
of your lover’s main. 
Only then you feel your heart bleed, 
To the sight of your love.
For, he is the one, 
That dug the dagger deep, 
In the heart,
that had love for him. 
Now you Wait, 
For, soon you shall succumb
to your fate.
And, now you know,  
The tryst of your destiny
And, your love in vain,
‘Cause for someone else, 
It was all,
Just a Game.

This is a collaboration between me and @TheGhostWriterr. If there’s anyone who should be praised for this beauty, it should be him. 😀


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