Imaginary Basket Of Stories…

Hanging from every branch,
Is an imaginary basket of stories.

The story of a fallen leaf,
The story of a withered flower.
The story of tears that were shed beneath it,
And, the story of some lost power.

The story of a bird’s nest,
And, the story of the lives to sprout from it.
The story of worst turned to best,
And, the story of wonders created from scratch.

The story of talents wasted,
The story of broken dreams.
The story of success tasted,
The story of some goals achieved.

It has battled harsh clouds and stormy winds,
This tree.
Worn and battered,
It stands tall, high and free!

On it’s branches are hanging,
Stories of broken twigs,
And, stories of wounded wings.
Stories of flights went wrong,
And, stories of soldiers strong.

Over the years,
The stories have multiplied.
Through stormy weathers,
The tree has survived.

Come summer,
The blossoming flowers will bring back it’s beauty.
Along with them,
Will arrive another batch of weaved stories.


4 thoughts on “Imaginary Basket Of Stories…

  1. You are totally blossoming as a poet, as a writer and i would aptly say that more as a expressing human šŸ™‚ God Bless.. More power and Light šŸ™‚ God Bless you

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