The familiar stranger…

Tangled thoughts,
Jumbled emotions.
Irrational mind,
Confused notions.

Clear answers,
To hazy questions.
A solved mystery,
With an unknown history.

I know it’s end,
But, where did it start?
Functional wheels,
On a broken cart.

Blurred memories,
Grainy photographs.
Some dried roses,
A hand-woven scarf.

Oh familiar stranger,
Who are you?
Your voice, a broken melody,
It sounds so blue.

Are you for real,
Or perhaps, my crazy imagination?
It’s difficult to tell an illusion,
From a hallucination.

Foreign feelings,
With a tinge of familiarity.
A hazy past,
With an indescribable clarity.

Tell me, oh familiar stranger,
Who are you?
Another one of those lies,
Or perhaps, you’re true?

The harsh reality,
Like a splash of ice-cold water.
Broken chain of thoughts,
A serious mind-boggler.

Lost in my forest of insane thoughts,
Haunted by a ghost called memory.
Rescue me from these cruel knots,
Or at least, whatever that’s left of me.

The familiar stranger,
Was in fact, a monster called love.
It took me to great heights,
And, dropped me from above.


7 thoughts on “The familiar stranger…

  1. What In the World have U been eating and Not telling Us Kiddo..??? U Just seem to get better and better, while the rest of us are Just crapping with the pen & paper..
    Loved this one as usual.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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