The Chase

Chasing a dream. That’s what you’ve been doing, chasing a single dream. From the moment you wake up to the moment night falls, all you do is run amok with that imaginary backpack slung on your back and that imaginary net of yours clutched tightly in your hand. The one that you intend to cast upon your dream.

Countless of times you’ve reached it, only to be thrown back by an invisible force. You move with a fierce determination, this time. Dead set on capturing it. You can see it ahead, the dream. It’s moving further away from you at an incredible speed. But, nothing’s going to deter you, not this time. You’re invincible! There’s this raging storm inside you, the one that’ll take on anything that obstructs your path, that’ll defeat anyone who stands between you and your dream.

The chase gets all the more interesting, all the more intense. It’s only you and the dream, now. The dream, which is drifting farther and farther away with every passing moment. You run with all your might, gradually catching up to it. You’re there, almost there. You hold up your net, ready to cast it and there she is! Standing there, waiting for you, her arms wide open. That oh-so-heavenly smile pasted on her face, with the glow quite evident. Her aura radiating warmth and joy.

Glory, they call her. She welcomed everyone with open arms. Everyone being the ones who were successful in bagging their dream after capturing it, that is.  That’s it! That’s all you needed to see! With one last jump in the air, you capture it. You’ve done it! The dream is in your net, struggling to get out, away from you but, you’re taking none of it. Without further ado, you gently catch hold of it and enclose it in your box of dreams. Yes, you’ve  finally done it. You’ve bagged your dream, you’ve bagged freedom!

You look and find Glory beaming proudly at you. She beckons to you. As you step forward to walk into her open arms, a shrill sound fills your ears. You try to drown it but, to no avail. To reality has come the worst of your fears. You shake your head to clear the daze and slam the damned alarm clock down on the dresser. The dream, was just that, a dream. It was too good to be true.

Once again, you climb out of your bed in pursuit of your dream, in your pursuit of happiness but, above all, in your pursuit of freedom. You believe you’ll chase it one fine day and you believed you’ll be able to embrace Glory.


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