Folding stars…

Days are lonely,
Nights, lonelier.
Decisions, difficult,
Thoughts unclear.

A lost identity,
Some broken dreams.
Overpowering emotions,
Some smothered screams.

Bleeding sadness,
Through every pore.
She looks so aloof,
So very sore.

Walks through the streets,
Looking so lost.
Haunted she is,
By ghosts from her past.

She stops by the florist,
Looks longingly at a rose.
She wishes to have someone,
Someone who is close.

Next, she stops by the baker’s,
Stares at those cookies.
She wishes to have someone.
Someone to hug and kiss.

She stops by the record store,
Gazes wistfully at the guitar.
She wishes to have someone,
Someone who’ll sing to her.

Every stop she makes,
Leaves her feeling lonelier than ever.
Will she ever have ‘that’ someone?
She hears herself answer,”Never!”

Little did she know,
He was there all along.
Following her every move,
Humming her favorite song.

He bought her that rose,
Those cookies and that guitar.
Knelt in front of her,
And sang ‘folding stars’.

To him,
She was his Eleanor.
To her,
He was her savior.