The Realization…

“When gravity pulls and that direction is the same as the one you’re currently travelling, it’s difficult not to admit you’re falling. The loud splat at the end is a dead giveaway.”- Her favorite quote this was. Maybe because her life agreed with it. She liked him and he liked her back. It was only a matter of time before she realized she was falling for him. Falling harder than she ever had. And, the erratic and wild beating of her heart when around him was a dead giveaway.

Love. It was a strange feeling and it was alien to her. But that was back then. Today, 7 years after the realization, 7 years of spending the most beautiful moments of her life, did she realize what true love meant. That coffin, his coffin, it taught her what it meant. The hollow in her heart couldn’t be misunderstood.


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