The journey

With every thought of walking that path, I froze,
Melted a bit though, I got up and completed that prose.
Surrendered, gave up, a feeling of being lost felt somewhere in the winds,
A beautiful imagery, a dreamt reality, I foresaw ahead.

Willed myself to move forward, one step at a time,
Almost gave up, as the fear of losing embraced my heart.
But, I let myself be soothed by the chirping birds and wind that chimed,
Took another step towards the sunshine filled pot and the rainbow coloured cart.

Amidst the sunshine, amidst the moonlit night, I walk a bit stray,
A shiny path which lures me and distracts me from the earthy bay,
Today I feel a bit confident and strong to fight,
Prepared I am with an enormous spirit and light..

As I take another step, I feel myself wavering,
But then, I look up to see the shiny moon and the twinkling stars,
And with confident strides I move a bit far.

Distance, I never measured,
Wait, I always treasured.
Somehow I fell, somehow I carried myself to that end of the tunnel.
I found solace in the eternal endless ecstatic epiphany,
An ounce of Hope.

Taking in my surroundings, I heave a sigh of contentment,
I’ve reached the end of my journey.
The journey from plain white walls to rainbow coloured carts,
The journey from emptiness to solace,
The journey from dreams to reality.

Something that I and @Gods_Evangelos wrote together. 🙂


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