Living in Fairytales.

Pixies and Fairies,
Childhood memories.
Dragons and Trolls,
Falling down in rabbit holes.

Unicorns and Monsters,
Imaginary Fosters.
Giants and Dwarfs,
Magically woven scarves.

Angels and Elves,
Into those fairytales we delve.
Climbing violet hills to tame a Gryphon,
Flying on its back, into the setting sun.

Debauched Kings and Debonair Princes,
Evil Stepmothers and happy-go-lucky Princesses.
Damsels in distress with their Knights in shining armor,
Shimmering ball gowns, exuding glamour.

Horse-ridden carriages,
Lilies and roses.
At the stroke of midnight,
Turn back to rats and pumpkins.

Dancing trees and fairy lights,
We search for euphoria that never comes.
Under sleeping spells and delusive charms,
We move through it unharmed.

Living in corny fairytales,
Trying to forget our life’s outcome.
Cliches we see everywhere,
Where one goes, the other follows.

Our life, a set of kaleidoscopic scenes,
Ever-changing and inconsistent.
Here comes the crashing reality,
Breaking spells and wrecking dreams.


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