Just Another Pretender.

Do you think you’re so perfect,
That you do not need change?
You’re so innocent aren’t you?
Strutting about with this holier than thou attitude.

Time and time again, I’ve borne your shit,
Now, it’s time for you to carry it.
Go out, go out and see,
Whether you find someone as accepting as me.

And I’ll be standing right here
When you return,
Because I know
You wouldn’t have found anyone.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror,
Look closely and well.
You’ll see those imperfections and flaws,
And you’ll know you aren’t as perfect as they tell.

You’re just one of us,
A pretender like all.
Refusing to be your true self,
Hiding behind that wall.

You think you didn’t have it easy?
Well, look around,
You’ll see hundreds of them
Bawling their eyes out.

You call them fake,
Who then are you?
Are you quite being your own self,
To call yourself true?

You’re no different,
You’re no better.
You’re just one of us,
Just another pretender.