With silence come screams of the unseen and the unheard,
And then comes the darkness with blinding lights.
The tunnel is bright with no lights at the end,
Defying all the cliched rules.
Bound by thoughts of the cruel world,
I am as free as I let myself be.
Beyond these hills of crumpled notes and broken dreams,
Flows a river full of hope.
Standing at the crossroads with confusing signs,
I wonder which path to take.
When left is the only way left,
And right, it was never really right.
Walking in the shadows with the moon shining down on me,
It’s hard to camouflage myself.
Changing colors doesn’t come easily,
When it’s hard to even be my true self.
It is I and those eternal inner conflicts,
I go on rambling about anything and everything.
Sitting idle isn’t an option,
Those thoughts seem to plague me.
Myriad of questions with silence as the answer,
The ever confusing life, it never claimed to be easy.
A plethora of emotions caged in their eyes,
Distrust was a mutual feeling.
Lying on their backs, gazing at the stars,
They’d wonder who’d break first.
They held their words in,
One waiting for the other.
Words never came,
They never spoke.
There was silence,
It was deafening and it echoed,
And not one dared to interfere.
For, in silence they lived and in silence were they bound to perish.