Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

Yesterday’s tomorrow is fast leaving,
Like sand trickling through an hourglass.
Like the tick of a clock,
There’s no stopping.
The memories surround us,
There’s no escaping the torment.
Time slips by,
But we’re frozen in the moment.
Caught in each other’s arms,
Trying to get tangled.
The pain, we can take,
For, yesterday’s tomorrow is fast leaving.
And soon, we’ll be looking back upon tomorrow’s yesterday,
And we’ll be but a part of each other’s memories.
Another tick of the clock,
The steady flow of sand grains,
And we’re trying to reach euphoria,
To the point of no return.
Frozen in the moment,
We’re trying to freeze it.
The smashing of glass,
A heap of sand,
And now we stand,
On shards of our past.
We lock our gazes,
Trying to buy time,
But there it is,
The call of a cuckoo.
A hazy vision, a hazy you,
And now I stand with yet another memory of you.
In yet another tomorrow,
Alone, but together,
We look back into yet another yesterday,
And wait for yesterday’s tomorrow to leave us with yet another memory.


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