Burning Memories.

Burning memories,
Glowing embers,
A bright red
On a black backdrop.

A fire within,
Scalding invisibly,
Licking my insides,
Melting my facade.

Like a grieving candle,
With wax-like tears,
Each leaving
Scars unseen.

Half-burnt photographs
Smudged with ashes,
Specks of blood
And tear stains.

Flickering flames,
Iridescent eyes,
Another memory burned,
Another scar engraved.

A dried rose,
Some trinkets treasured,
Painful reminders,
Breaking a broken heart.

Incomplete letters,
Faded ink,
Faintly fragrant,
Burning memories.

Engulfed in flames,
Silently screaming,
Sizzling tears
And a burning ME.



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