It was it and it was meant to be…

There once was love,
But it faded away,
Leaving memories behind,
To hold on to.
There once was friendship,
But she moved on,
Leaving nothing but pieces
Of a broken heart.
A particularly sharp piece
Pierced his heart.
Like the cupid’s arrow,
It struck and he was doomed.
Doomed to fall,
Into an abyss.
An abyss called love.
There once was light,
But he blinked and it was gone.
Little by little and then,
All at once.
There once was this twinkle
In her eyes,
And this smile  
On her face.
He happened,
And it disappeared.
Like the moon,
Behind the clouds.
Only forever.
There were three paths,
The left,
The right,
And one of togetherness.
She chose the left,
He chose the right,
And they moved away.
A few steps, a few years,
And their paths met,
And there was only one way,
And they moved,
Alone, at first,
And then, hand-in-hand.
They walked into the sunset,
Flashing their sometimes-happy-and-sometimes-unhappy ever after signs.
For, there once was love,
And it returned,
And it wasn’t happy and it wasn’t sad.
It was it and it was meant to be.


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