Black And White Rainbows.

Dark shadows,
Frosty winds,
And it snows,
Red snow.

The forbidden fruit,
Alluring temptation.
A force so brute,
And ugly scars.

She moved deeper,
Lost in grey memories,
Into darker,
Unchartered territories.

A phantom world,
Hissing, coiled snakes,
Poisonous vines curled
Around haunted graves.

Hooting owls,
Leathery bats,
Mournful howls
Coming from lost souls.

Flickering lights,
Whistling winds,
Blood-chilling sights
And creeping shadows.

She walked, oblivious,
Forgetting all,
Searching for a departed soul,
Behind the cursed wall.

And she found him there,
Under the weeping willow.
Sitting without a care,
He played a deadly melody.

She cried,
One last tear, one last sob,
And he smiled,
A vacant smile.

His eyes, dead blobs,
His face, a hollow mask.
And they kissed,
The kiss of death.

And she shed her colors,
Embracing the dark,
Painting the gloomy sky,
With her black and white rainbows.