Almost Insane

Tick, tick, tock,
The time runs amok.
Trying to grab onto love,
While it slips,
Like sand through an hourglass.
Dearly beloved,
Quit playing so hard.
Tick, tock, tick,
I’ve caught onto your tricks,
Might as well throw the cards.
Love, they say,
Is an open door,
Funnily enough,
That’s just an illusion.
Tock, tick, tock,
There are no doors.
Trapped, locked, caged,
The exits are all blocked.
The clock ticks,
One, two, three.
The hands are moving faster,
Or is it just me?
Tock, tock, tick,
Coming to grab you,
That’s death right there.
Spent your whole life,
Trapped in love’s lair.
It carressed your fears,
Stroked your insecurities.
Played with your mind,
A brilliant loss of sanity.
Tock, tick, tick,
In a little black dress,
Lips painted bright red,
She could be dancing on rainbows.
Cruel seduction,
Hopeless love.
Where shall you run,
When death circles above?
In a sunshine yellow dress,
Lips painted a pastel pink,
She’ll turn the rainbow monochrome.
Dearly beloved,
Quit playing so hard.
Your tricks are getting old,
The wind blew away the cards.
Tick, tick, tock,
The time runs amok.