My sun has reached its nadir,
Cloaking me with darkness,
On a moonless night.
The stars, too, shine a little less,
Refusing to disobey the sun and the moon.
And yet again, I’m left alone,
To try to find my broken pieces in these shadows.
Some still intact,
Some damaged beyond repair
And some so sharp, they slice right through me,
Letting the happiness and sanity leak out,
Spreading the poisonous despair all through my veins.
It leaves me there,
Paralysed by my ownself,
Never wanting to dream or break free again.
And these voices inside my head,
They shout, mocking me,
“Look, what dreaming has reduced you to.”
And I fall, into a heap of those broken dreams,
The shards piercing every pore of my being,
And yet, all I feel is numb.
Too tired to plead for help,
And too far gone to care.