The Unknown

You fall,
The abyss, so far down below,
Just a tiny speck of black paint
On a blank canvas.
The fall, it seems endless,
But you’re tumbling down
Faster than ever.
The dormant butterflies,
Quite rudely awoken,
Flapping their monstrous wings,
Roaring like a lion in anguish.
The nearer you get,
The larger it seems to grow,
A monster waiting open-mouthed,
Its razor-sharp teeth proudly on display.
Your heart beats wildly,
Threatening to break free,
The fear, at the sight of those jagged edges,
Making you lose your mind.
Images flash behind your eyes.
A life never lived,
Only spent.
Meaningless existence.
The fear, it grips your heart,
Paralyses your body,
Until it is the only thing you feel.
And then comes the dreaded moment,
You land.
A thump much softer than you’d expected.
You look around, wide-eyed,
And then an unexpected laugh bubbles out of you,
The kind that’ll echo around you for years to come,
Where tears stream down your face,
And you find it hard to stop.
Wiping the tears, you finally realise,
The unknown need not always be feared,
For, often times,
There’s nothing but our own minds
To be afraid of.