If you listen to this sadness,

you’ll find a soothing rhythm,

a lullaby waiting to be sung,

the one that’ll finally put you to sleep.

When you touch the pieces of this broken heart,

you’ll find they aren’t as sharp as you made them out to be.

Yes, they make you bleed,

but would you rather not bleed out the sadness

than let it flow through your veins?

They call it melancholy,

for they do not know the reasons behind why you’re always bleeding.

If they ever bothered to listen,

they’d find the lyrics to a hauntingly beautiful song,

in the cadence of your heart.


Burning Memories.

Burning memories,
Glowing embers,
A bright red
On a black backdrop.

A fire within,
Scalding invisibly,
Licking my insides,
Melting my facade.

Like a grieving candle,
With wax-like tears,
Each leaving
Scars unseen.

Half-burnt photographs
Smudged with ashes,
Specks of blood
And tear stains.

Flickering flames,
Iridescent eyes,
Another memory burned,
Another scar engraved.

A dried rose,
Some trinkets treasured,
Painful reminders,
Breaking a broken heart.

Incomplete letters,
Faded ink,
Faintly fragrant,
Burning memories.

Engulfed in flames,
Silently screaming,
Sizzling tears
And a burning ME.