Fiery cold.

Soul as dark as the ashes
Of those letters.
The photographs,
Shredded to bits,
Like the heart
Broken into
A thousand little pieces.
Drowning in spirits,
Trying to tear down
The countless forts
Built together.
Passing out cold,
Hoping to wake up
With no memories of yesterday,
Or life.
A love so dark,
They couldn’t let it be.
A soul so tired,
Why couldn’t they let it be?
The tears,
They continued to flow,
Hoping to thaw
The iciness within.
An iciness that blazed,
Like a fire that licked
Everything it touched.
It won’t stop,
Until everthing is
Burnt down.
It won’t stop,
Until everything is



Open up…

Open the doors to your heart,
Let me in.
I’ve been standing out here for too long,
Waiting, worrying.

It’s getting colder,
This outside world.
And I’m standing here,
Shivering, afraid.

You’re probably curled up inside,
All lonely and warm.
Afraid. Just like me,
But for different reasons.

The monsters are coming to get me,
It’s getting icy and it isn’t pretty.
Open up,
Let me in.

There’s envy and there’s hatred,
There’s misery and there’s hopelessness.
It is scary,
And there’s no place to hide.

Open up,
I knock louder.
I see the ice flowing towards me,
Open up! I cry.

The ice, it is here.
Entering my veins,
Flowing through them.

Open up. I whisper.
And you do.
There you are, smiling and whole.
And not afraid.

And there I am,
Smiling a cold, vacant smile.
Whole, but empty.
Warm, but frozen.

Open up. I had cried.
Too late. I whisper.
You were too late. I cry,
Letting the ice flow out of my eyes.