Two-Dimensional Pain

Crushed chalk bones,
Leaving a trail of powdery melancholy.
Distorted acrylic rainbows,
And crayon blood,
Drawn over a crumpled paper heart.


Devoid feelings.

On the greener side of the grass,
She once had lied.
On the paler side,
She’d once cried.
She stood in the middle now,
Surrounded by fallens leaves,
And broken boughs.
A web she tries to weave,
Of unspoken tales, crumpled dreams,
Dimmed hope
And silent screams.
Her forest where butterflies once flew,
And mockingbirds sang,
Had been burnt down to ashes,
A place where silence now rang.
She could see them working in the distance,
Their machines and them.
Building a concrete jungle,
On nature’s land.
A tear escaped her doe eyes,
She saw the herd mourning behind.
Casting one last glance at the sorry sight,
She led the way with doubts on her mind.
She trotted away,
With a heavy heart.
It had always hurt,
The ‘walk-away’ part.
For, animals have feelings too,
They cry when their homes are destroyed.
It is humans
In whom feelings are devoid.