Hope found another

​Self-destruction and pity parties,

There’s a storm brewing inside.

There’s a calmness

That brings in voices

Not so calm, after all.

A deluge of wandering thoughts,

Form a skull-like facade,

Warning me to step back,

Until I’m backed into a wall.

“Let me out”, I say,

“Let us in”, they whisper.

Whispers turn to shouts,

And there’s lightning and there’s thunder,

“Where will you go? How far can you run?”

And I look up at them,

The voices fading out

As I see them for what they are,

Wandering thoughts in my head,

Taking shape of my deepest, darkest fears.

“I don’t run”, I whisper.

“I don’t run”, I shout.

And love lost its way

But hope found another.


Not a fairytale ending.

“We’re better off without each other.” Six words and it took two years for her to gather all the courage to utter those and for the first time in forever, she wanted him to disagree with her. “I think so too.” Four words and she could feel her heart cracking again.
“I found someone. We might get engaged soon.” Another crack. This one much bigger, much more painful. She smiled. “Don’t you want to know about her?” Her smile grew wider, “How is she?” “You don’t want to know what she does?” She nodded, “What does she do? How is she? Tell me all about her.” With every word he spoke, she found how the girl was so much better than she ever could be. And with every passing second, it hurt more. He showed her a picture of them both, standing together. The way they both once did. And that was it. Her heart shattered, into a million tiny pieces. Time won’t heal her this time. She smiled. “Please don’t cry,” he said. She smiled wider, “I’m not. I’m happy for you.” He hugged her, she blinked, trying to not let the tears flow and closed her eyes, trying to memorise how his arms felt around her, how she fit just right against him and how his embrace never felt wrong.
She loved him. He loved her. But theirs was not to be a fairytale ending.

The story of life

Tossed and churned,
Scarred and burnt.
Standing still,
Been through all those turns.
Memories unpleasant,
nostalgia brings in.
Dwelling in those,
pain creeps in.
The pain unbearable,
Flashes from the past.
Weakens your knees,
Gloomy shadows it casts.
Shattered dreams,
Broken resolve.
Filled up to the brim,
The memory box.
Trinklets and roses,
Beads and charms.
The open door closes,
As a tear drops on your palm.
Letters and cards,
Hateful and loved.
Sorry’s and Thank you’s
Overflowing with love.
Heaps of memories,
Loads of pain.
Bricks of happiness,
Bits of disdain.
The story of life,
A little love,
little hate.
Good times and bad,
Nothing outweighed.