True Warriors

The things unsaid,
The words unheard,
The silence never felt
And tears unshed.

The whispered apologies,
Unseen grief,
Hiding behind the curtain
Of a beautifully hollow smile.

Read between the lines.
Read and unread,
To try to decipher
The hidden meaning.

Look for the signs,
Behind those grieving eyes,
For wounds and bruises,
The ones they try to hide.

The scars that mar their bodies,
A testimony of their survival.
These are the true warriors.
Fighting the monsters under their beds,
Both metaphorical and literal.


Doing my bit this women’s day. Speaking up against domestic violence. Please do your bit. In whatever way you can. Happy Women’s Day.


The Unknown

You fall,
The abyss, so far down below,
Just a tiny speck of black paint
On a blank canvas.
The fall, it seems endless,
But you’re tumbling down
Faster than ever.
The dormant butterflies,
Quite rudely awoken,
Flapping their monstrous wings,
Roaring like a lion in anguish.
The nearer you get,
The larger it seems to grow,
A monster waiting open-mouthed,
Its razor-sharp teeth proudly on display.
Your heart beats wildly,
Threatening to break free,
The fear, at the sight of those jagged edges,
Making you lose your mind.
Images flash behind your eyes.
A life never lived,
Only spent.
Meaningless existence.
The fear, it grips your heart,
Paralyses your body,
Until it is the only thing you feel.
And then comes the dreaded moment,
You land.
A thump much softer than you’d expected.
You look around, wide-eyed,
And then an unexpected laugh bubbles out of you,
The kind that’ll echo around you for years to come,
Where tears stream down your face,
And you find it hard to stop.
Wiping the tears, you finally realise,
The unknown need not always be feared,
For, often times,
There’s nothing but our own minds
To be afraid of.

Not a fairytale ending.

“We’re better off without each other.” Six words and it took two years for her to gather all the courage to utter those and for the first time in forever, she wanted him to disagree with her. “I think so too.” Four words and she could feel her heart cracking again.
“I found someone. We might get engaged soon.” Another crack. This one much bigger, much more painful. She smiled. “Don’t you want to know about her?” Her smile grew wider, “How is she?” “You don’t want to know what she does?” She nodded, “What does she do? How is she? Tell me all about her.” With every word he spoke, she found how the girl was so much better than she ever could be. And with every passing second, it hurt more. He showed her a picture of them both, standing together. The way they both once did. And that was it. Her heart shattered, into a million tiny pieces. Time won’t heal her this time. She smiled. “Please don’t cry,” he said. She smiled wider, “I’m not. I’m happy for you.” He hugged her, she blinked, trying to not let the tears flow and closed her eyes, trying to memorise how his arms felt around her, how she fit just right against him and how his embrace never felt wrong.
She loved him. He loved her. But theirs was not to be a fairytale ending.

A New Beginning.

She’d preserved her tears,
In an airtight container,
And locked them away,
In the darkest corner
Of the storage.
Her laugh, too,
Lay thoughtfully, in a trunk
Beside those tears,
Just slightly worn out and termite-bitten.
Covered with cobwebs,
And screened by a thick film of dusty memories.
Locked in with rust,
Pervading that age-old scent  
Of nostalgia.
And with every sunset,
She awaited the fireflies,
Who’d remind her of warm summer nights
Spent under this very porch.
The swing sat right where it’d been all those years ago,
Only now it was rusted and rotting away.
She heard voices echo all around her,
The empty house suddenly filled by the shouts and laughter of its previous inhabitants.
The stairs creaked with every step she took,
Warning her of the horror that was awaiting her.
Taking a deep breath, she pushed open the dreaded door.
The pieces of the shattered glass lay right where she remembered them to be,
The mirror, still cracked and blood-stained,
The curtains, half torn down.
With shaking hands, she reached for that trunk,
And she heard her laughter, so full of life, turning hollow.
But then, she pushed open the windows,
To let the summer breeze in,
And grabbed the broom lying in the corner,
Starting to sweep away the remnants of an ugly past.
The sun rays filtering in through the windows,
Had brought the room back to life.
And she heard her laugh turn lively again,
And she looked into the container to see those tears disappear.
Standing by the window with her eyes closed,
She breathed in the fresh air,
Opening her eyes to see the sunset taking away the ugliness from her life.
The fireflies came around, bringing back the smile that she’d once lost in this very room.


Our song.

The waves, they sing to us. Songs of love, of life, of despair, of solitude, of longing, of togetherness, of every little emotion ever expressed. Let’s sing to them today. My song. Your song. Our song. Of hope. And one day, the world will hear them singing it. It’ll be heartbreaking. They’ll cry, with every crashing wave. They’ll cry for us. They’ll cry for hope. And it’ll come to them. Then, we’ll all sing our songs of hope. The waves, they’ll listen and they’ll be heard for years to come. So, let us sing to the waves today. Come, let us create a melody. A melody full of hope. For, nothing is more beautiful.


Open up…

Open the doors to your heart,
Let me in.
I’ve been standing out here for too long,
Waiting, worrying.

It’s getting colder,
This outside world.
And I’m standing here,
Shivering, afraid.

You’re probably curled up inside,
All lonely and warm.
Afraid. Just like me,
But for different reasons.

The monsters are coming to get me,
It’s getting icy and it isn’t pretty.
Open up,
Let me in.

There’s envy and there’s hatred,
There’s misery and there’s hopelessness.
It is scary,
And there’s no place to hide.

Open up,
I knock louder.
I see the ice flowing towards me,
Open up! I cry.

The ice, it is here.
Entering my veins,
Flowing through them.

Open up. I whisper.
And you do.
There you are, smiling and whole.
And not afraid.

And there I am,
Smiling a cold, vacant smile.
Whole, but empty.
Warm, but frozen.

Open up. I had cried.
Too late. I whisper.
You were too late. I cry,
Letting the ice flow out of my eyes.

Winds of Time.

The winds of time,
Shatter your dreams.
No more are they,
A reason to live.
Life seems worthless,
For, your existence doesn’t matter.
One moment you’re flying ,
High up in the air,
The next you bite the dust,  
Of realities unexplained. 
You travel lanes of memories,
with tears in your eyes. 
Looking at how high you flew,
And, what wind knocked you out.
You search the prospering memories,
And, those of agonizing pain. 
Until, you stand in the land
of your lover’s main. 
Only then you feel your heart bleed, 
To the sight of your love.
For, he is the one, 
That dug the dagger deep, 
In the heart,
that had love for him. 
Now you Wait, 
For, soon you shall succumb
to your fate.
And, now you know,  
The tryst of your destiny
And, your love in vain,
‘Cause for someone else, 
It was all,
Just a Game.

This is a collaboration between me and @TheGhostWriterr. If there’s anyone who should be praised for this beauty, it should be him. 😀

It’s time….

A fleeting glance,
A passing memory,
All of it comes
running back to me.

The dull ache,
The dark resent,
Makes me come
crashing back to reality.

The longing gaze,
The warmth in his eyes,
Makes it difficult to tell
 the truth from those lies.

The moment of truth,
Flashbacks from the past,
Unfolding before me
are memories that’ll last.

The game of love,
Some futile attempts,
This treacherous heart
blames me for contempt.

Tears flow on their own accord,
For, unbearable is the pain that it brings,
Like iron to magnets,
to my past I still cling.

As the reality kicks in,
I close my eyes,
With a content smile on his face,
there he lies.

Wiping the tears,
I stand up,
It’s time to move on,
it’s time to give up.